Week 3- New Beginnings, Newtown

So marks the beginning of 4th year. I came armed with a selection of ideas and works that I am interested in. These include the work of Tadao Ando, Parasite architecture, Japanese design, Abandoned spaces, Apartment living and Design that won’t date. These are cast aside as we discover our site for our major project is Newtown and we begin to explore and research the site together.

I am quite happy that Newtown is our site because I am very familiar with it and grew up there. When we are given the task to create a map with 13 points using only adjectives I struggle to understand its significance at first however I look at many familiar places with a new point of view and discover a number of finer details I would normally overlook.

On another tangent. I picked up a copy of Tom Dixons “Interior Worlds” and had a look through what was mainly pictures sourced from all over the world and arranged under the catergories materialism, constructivism, expressionism, primitivism, reductionism and futurism. The chapter on reductionism was of most interest to me and got me thinking about how design could challenge us to consume less and live simpler. I feel that the Australian dream of home ownership and a big backyard needs to be rethought as the city continues to sprawl and infrastructure cannot keep up. Perhaps we could learn to live in smaller spaces and share more facilities like heavily populated cities like Japan do?

Nakagin Tower interior

Nakagin Tower a capsule hotel in Tokyo that challenges peoples perception of space

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