Week 4

I attended a talk by Bill Henson last week. I was fascinated by his description of the darkness and shadow in his work which he described as a way to stimulate  wonder, what goes missing in these shadows? Design that does not reveal everything upon first sight, or that challenges someones perception leaving them uncomfortable or intrigued is a powerful thought to me. As I am researching art spaces as part of my first concept presentation I try and relate Bill Hensons thoughts to this. I see that there is a clash between the often mysterious/chaotic artist studio Vs. the transparent nature of a gallery in which these works end up.

Photograph by Bill Henson from the 1995-1996 Untitled series

Ben Frost at Hibernian house opposite Central stn









There was also a site visit this week to the old tramsheds behind Newtown. The space is huge and the high ceilings have the overpowering and awe effect that you get from cathedrals where you find yourself looking upwards. Immediately I feel as if it would be perfect for some kind of performance/theatre space, something DRAMATIC. It reminds me of a project in Germany that converted an old factory into a music venue, leaving the factory very true to it origins.

I also looked a little further into the newtown arts school on Eliza street. Heres a description I found on it :
Built around 100 years ago, this venue is rampant with creativity, beauty and old school charm. The high ceilings and stunning roof design make it another unique contribution to the long list of fringe homes. The Ballroom began as a gentlemen’s club however is now home to a variety of creative talents. From kung-fu proffessionals, breathing lessons and in keeping with its old school feel, ballroom lessons. The venue is also a home for a variety of painters who permanently reside within the downstairs space. The School of Art is a self funded family business initiative. The ballroom looks amazing, I will have to try get inside for a site visit.

Newtown school of arts interior

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