Week 5 – Small Spaces

This Aesop store in Paris by March studios is set within the confines of a shipping container and uses the materiality of the wood create a rich environment












Aesop London by studiolise

After presenting my initial research on Newtown this week to the class which focused on gentrification and the role of artistic spaces I am thinking about how to transform my research into design possibilities but I am exploring design that uses small spaces well. One particular retail project I have been very impressed by are the Aesop stores. Each store from Sydney to Paris uses small spaces in a variety of ways that each have a distinct atmosphere, yet remain cohesive with one another. The lighting and materiality of the stores, down to the graphic design of the product all works harmoniously giving customers a rich experience. March studios is an Australian firm responsible for a number of these.

Another great example of the use of small space is this apartment in Hong Kong. Due to the population density, living in tight spaces is neccessary. How could this cultural norm be encouraged amoungst australians?

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