Week 6 – Newtown vs. Oldtown

This week in class, Leisa gave a lecture on drawing styles and showcases many different architects initial sketches on projects. Personally I love the freedom of drawing as it has no boundaries and doesnt stunt creativity beacuse of the quickness in transition from mind to page. Some good examples:
Coop Himmelblau
Carlo Scarpa
Frank Gehry
Zaha Hadid
Peter Zumpthor
Steven Holl

Frank Gehry

Coop Himmelblau

peter zumthor







I also purchased a book recently  Architects Sketchbook which has lots of good examples of how different architects use sketching in the design process and has given me some good ideas for the communication of my design and how to make it connect emotionally with clients or viewers.

In class this week we all put forward our ideas to the class to try and generate various possibilities of where our research can take us. My Question put simply is ‘how can design prolong the diversity of newtown, despite effects of gentrification?’ This question so far does not limit me to an obvious design solution. It could be a shop/gallery/residence/transitional space, the possibilities are endless. Grahame gave some examples of interesting gallery/retail spaces that exisited in small, rotating schedules. On this note, last night I went to an exhibition at Gaffa Gallery. Structurally its an interesting space, an arcade made up of lots of tiny retail spaces and more open gallery spaces upstairs. The Gaffa website shows that they offer a rotational style system where new retail concepts will inhabit these spaces, similar to what Grahame was talkng about in class.

From the website:

The Arcade spaces on the ground level are dedicated to housing innovative, creative retail concepts. As a precinct, Gaffa seeks to foster a dynamic community of businesses. As of February 2011 The Arcade project will be re-structuring to accommodate longer term tenants. After basing the project on a ‘pop-up’ shop rotational style system of 3 months, due to feedback, we have decided to allow more flexibility with leases and offer tenants a more significant duration in order to develop their clientele and their identity.”

Gaffa Gallery entrance(left) looking down from above (right)










I have stumbled across another good example of an art space. Called Program it is a nonprofit project aimed at testing the disciplinary boundaries of architecture through collaborations with other fields. There are a variety of collaborations and events which take place and they describe their aim to ‘challenge traditional, domesticated modes of architectural practice and representation’ I find these projects very engaging. I like that they are doing something NEW which is definitely somewhere I need to go with my project. Here are some of my favourite projects from the site:

How If – A Translation in III Acts Mladen Bizumic

two point five Margrét Bjarnadóttir & Elín Hansdóttir










“Hansdóttir and Bjarnadóttir have merged their practices in fine art and dance and developed a spatial strategy to expose the silent character within moments in the gallery space. Corners, doors, edges, or the otherwise mundane, featureless parts of the room begin to reveal a ‘suggestion’ of life.”

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