Week 7 – Gesaltism

This week

After  the feedback from Grahame I discover that my question needs more depth, so I am trying to narrow my research down a bit more and  hopefully explore this with some more depth for project 2.

After analysing my research I’ve begun to think about the idea of murkiness, because I feel that Newtown is becoming more and more transparent especially king street. This is backed up by the findings from the class that most of the asction in newtown happens on King street and becomes noticably quiet in the backstreets.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what Im looking for but I’ve come across Gesalt psychology, a concept developed in Germany in the 1920s which refers to an organised whole that is perceived as more than a sum of its parts. This can be broken down into principles that affect how our brain sees images which are : similarity, continuation, closure, proximity figure and ground. A good description of these can be found here and below are a few examples in a graphic way.




This is another example , about how we can be visually deceived by swiss artist Felice Varini.

aligned view

alternate view

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