Week 10 – Concept to Spatial

After presenting my film, I get the feedback that it is not offering spatial solutions to my hypothesis. As I begin writing my book I will have to try and formulate a strategy about just how my vision for Newtown can be realised spatially.

One of the driving aims for my vision is that the project is to create some kind of impact on the people of Newtown. I want people to experiece something that is rich and unique, challenging the mindlessness that I feel is creeping into the Newtown lifestyle.

This could be in the form of an Intervention that disrupts daily life and the repetitiveness of Newtown or a venue that could aim to give a rich cultural experience through arts/music/events etc. It could be a multi-program space that creates an ambiguous crossover of people and activities.

In trying to find good examples of adaptive re-use I came across Tresor. The premier techno club of Berlin, Housed in what was formerly the main central-heating power station for East Berlin. What makes it special is that it has been left true to its original structure and the sheer size and atmosphere driven from the building no doubt enhances the music experience of loud, hard techno beats.

Tresor Club , Berlin










Another venue that came to mind when I was trying to find examples of places that evoked a rich experience was a club I visited in Japan called Super Deluxe . The space itself was quite warehouse-like leaving it open to many possibilities. Here are some photos of different ways the space has been used.

A screening of Miss Universe Japan @ Super Deluxe

The Sleeping Concert @ Super Deluxe

In trying to come up with examples of ambiguous architecture I came across the firm Naja and DeOstos

“Their work is largely engaged in ambiguous situations within urban and social dynamics for which the studio explores alternative narrative-like scripts. Projects addressing catastrophic scenarios, contaminated landscapes, corporate fields and newborn cities are among the architect’s diversified portfolio. Although different in scope and scale, all their projects intend to craft a sense of place.

From human-size installations to building-size architectural propositions to large-scale infrastructural projects NaJa & deOstos seeks to create an interwoven ecology of technology and culturally modified nature.

Amid a contemporary fascination for techniques and their commercialization, NaJa & deOstos develop an interdisciplinary architectural language, built or un-built, that stimulates a constant questioning of our roles as creators and consumers in an irresolute and often contradictory discipline.”

These architects have had me question the role that architecture plays in our lives. Their proposals are so extreme and non-conventional. I like that their approach weaves in literary references, history of the sites and statistics and challenges the motives for creating architecture that genrally have to have a commercialism and marketability.

'The Pregnant Island' Naja and DeOstos

Hanging Cemetery of Baghdad

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